LifeSpark App Builder

The App Creation Tool for Language Revitalization

Currently most of the big app development companies are charging tens of thousands of dollars to create mobile apps. This is certainly at odds with the immediacy of language revitalization efforts around the world. The majority of communities cannot afford these high costs. If nothing is done now it is estimated that nearly all of the world's endangered languages will be gone within the next two generations. LifeSpark is aiming to combat that by providing tools now to help with language preservation and revitalization. The majority of these tools are provided for free or very low cost which now makes it possible for nearly any community to create their own language app.

Create an app in three easy steps

Create Your Activities
Add images, audio, and text
Language Revitalization App
Organize With a Menu
Use menus to organize your activities by category or type
Language Revitalization App
Publish Your App
Publish your app for the world to see.

Apps can be published to both Android and Apple devices including both phones and tablets.

Language Revitalization App

Video Tutorial

Become a LifeSpark Trainer

If you are a member of an Indigenous community and would like to be listed as a LifeSpark trainer, please contact us using the following form. As a trainer you would help communities to create their own language app using the LifeSpark App Builder, train communities in how to edit record audio clips and work with text and images. In most cases, trainers would receive 100% of the profits received from their training sessions.

LifeSpark Chrome Extension

  • Fill out forms online or emails with SRO macrons or syllabic characters. After installing the extension, simply right-click in any text field and insert the correct character that you need.
  • Convert from SRO to Syllabics. Highlight the SRO text, right-click, and select "Convert to Syllabics".